Artist Statement

Painting is my passion. I use my art to explore and express my emotions and moods. This gives me the freedom to create for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others,  adding depth to my art as it captures the passion and expression of myself and nature. 


Living in New Zealand I am constantly struck by the beauty and variety of nature and scenery. Every day I feel privileged to live in a place that has such extraordinary landscapes and atmosphere. I use it as a base to empower and drive the creativity in my paintings. It fuels my passion to have the chance to share it with the world through my work.


My recent pieces take inspiration from the views around me. Using an acrylic medium, I create abstract landscapes exploring the relationships and contradictions in nature by presenting dramatic contrasts between light and dark. 

I visualize the movement of the wind, waves, and clouds with an emphasis on a particular day or a season.  Instead of showing small details, I use the blending of large and small marks in contrasting directions, shades and gradations to create a sense of atmosphere and feeling, bringing the viewer into the emotion and feeling of the moment captured.


In my paintings I challenge the observer to feel the breeze, the chill in the air; to feel that they are inside the moment, drawing the viewer inward to have an encounter with the nature of the place and time while striving to capture a glimpse of the beauty, awe and wonder of this world. 

My paintings are "landscapes of the mind" they are amalgamated scenes made up from different places that represented the emotional responses

I had when I thought of places I have visited.